DOUTS Member Regulations

There are a few documents you will need to familiarise yourself with as a member of DOUTS. Of course the primary goal of the club is to ensure save diving for all, and to minimise the inherent risks that we all know are associated with diving. 

Please take a moment to read the following:


The DOUTS constitution is the constitution accepted by NSW Fair Trading for DOUTS inc. and follows their standard model. It refers to the regulations and codes of conduct, also provided on this page.
Link: DOUTS_INC_Constitution_2013.pdf


The regulations are an extension of the constitution (previously referred to as the 'By-Laws')
Deals with day to day items that are subject to change such as:
- Membership levels and fees
- Hire Gear / Boat and Vehicle Pricing
- Boat / Vehicle usage policy

Link: DOUTS_Regulations_2014_v1.pdf

Code of Conduct

The member Code of Conduct is designed to promote safe diving within the Club and provide a consistent set of standards that all members are expected to follow.

Link: DOUTS Code of Conduct

The Captain's Code of Conduct is designed to promote safe boating operations, and provide a consistent set of expectations applicable to our endorsed captains. 

Link (outdated document): DOUTLESS 3 Captains Code of Conduct